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Some families will seek advice during their students’ Grade 9 or 10 so they can get a sense of what to expect down the road. This earlier start can be particularly helpful for focusing your student’s energies and activities throughout the high school years.

Other families gear up when their students are ready to visualize and commit to the process in Grade 11. Rest assured that we can even work with your student on specific services during the summer before or fall of Grade 12.

Whatever your timeline, we can work toward strong processes and excellent outcomes.

Your child’s college education is one of the most significant investments and decisions that your family will make. And a great college experience can be a transformative opportunity. Meanwhile, the admissions process has gotten much more complex and competitive than it was for previous generations. Why go it alone?

Educational consultants have extensive and direct knowledge of colleges and the admissions process and stay up to date in ways parents and students, with so much on their plates, might not. I do weekly research into the developments in admissions processes, academics, and campus life at all the schools my clients might be interested in and have spent time on over 400 college campuses, all so you don’t have to.

Independent educational consultants also provide personalized support and build close and sustained relationships with students and families in order to develop comprehensive action plans that reflect a family’s goals and capabilities. We are successful when our students achieve successful transitions to well-chosen colleges and programs.

Your high school college office plays an essential role in your student’s college search and admissions process. They are responsible for submitting key elements of your student’s application package, including transcripts, counselor recommendations, and school profile, and may help coordinate other application components and deadlines.

But your school’s college office is limited by the scope of their school responsibilities as well as by sheer number of students the office deals with on a daily basis, an average of about 455 per public school counselor in 2019, allowing them to spend about 40 minutes total – during the fours years of high school – in discussion with each college-bound student in their school.

An independent consultant works with just a small group of college-bound students. We provide direct and individualized support for our students at each stage of their journey, whether it’s strategizing their testing plan, helping them revise their essay, or thinking through the pros and cons of applying early decision. Where school-based counselors are experts in their particular school, independent educational consultants have a broad perspective on the college search and admissions process. I advise students based on my insight into the profiles of applicants nationwide and my knowledge of relevant college admissions trends and developments beyond the scope of an individual school community.

It’s really OK!  Our counseling can support your student’s decisions and expand their options at any point along the way. We are able to work with students as late as submitting applications in the fall of Grade 12. Of course, the earlier we begin to work together, the more we can help your student strengthen their profile and strategize a long-range approach.

We provide comprehensive assistance to families through our College Search and Admissions Planning program for students in Grades 11 and 12. Our College Orientation Planning program is available for families with students in Grade 9 and 10. We also offer individual services for different stages of the search and admissions process.

See our Services page for more information.

Two principles guide my work with students:  Find schools that fit. Create optimal choice.

Finding schools that fit means I will get to know your student well through structured assessments, learning what helps them thrive intellectually and socially, valuing their aspirations and goals as well and acknowledging their challenges. I create an open and constructive conversation space, so families can eliminate unhelpful information overload or being overly influenced by others.

Creating optimal choices means drawing on my deep knowledge of colleges – their academics, faculty and leadership, campus communities, cost and affordability, career support and internship opportunities, location, athletics or arts – to create a list that is sound, well-structured and balanced. Since many colleges make their admissions decisions holistically according to their own individual selection criteria, your student’s application list will include both specific target schools and schools with similar features and qualities.

This approach consistently produces better outcomes and a happier and more satisfying process.

We work with families to understand their financial picture and the importance of college affordability to their student’s college search. After an initial financial review, we can help families navigate the financial aid decision-making and application process.

I am based in New York City and work with students and families wherever they are based.  I meet with students and families on Zoom and other video and teleconference platforms. We schedule our sessions to be convenient for students in different time zones.  Between meetings, we use a dedicated portal and Google Drive to exchange materials, develop college lists, organize email and text threads, and, as I always say, “plan the work and work the plan.” No matter the challenge, it all gets done.

You will get an experienced and impartial partner in this journey who can guide you and your family through what can be an overwhelming process. My deep and broad knowledge of colleges, my holistic and structured approach, and my commitment can bring out the best in your student at every step.

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