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Milestones On The Road To College

For each stage of your student’s journey, the Arise Milestones provide a powerful and well-timed sequence to help your aspiring college student dream big, understand themselves and their superpowers, identify the great colleges where they will thrive, and achieve their educational and personal goals.

Whether you’re a parent navigating the search for the first time or the second, or you’re a student with big dreams but are unsure where to start, Barbara’s strategic and supportive process can help you manage your time, your goals, and your emotions during the college search and application process.

The Itinerary

In your free initial consultation, gain a roadmap of the admissions process and the Arise Milestones

Setting Out

Understand the higher education landscape, what colleges are looking for, and how students can stand out

My Basecamp

Your student uncovers their unique strengths and interests, acquires Arise tools and resources, and builds a trusting advising relationship

My Academic Dashboard

Your student documents their academic and testing history, identifies their intellectual focus, and strategizes recommendations, course work, and testing

My Portfolio

Your student reflects on their activities outside the classroom, plans next steps, and practices telling their story

Mapping My Landscape

Barbara guides your family in researching colleges and building a balanced list of colleges where your student will thrive

The Tour Guide Is Me

Your student is prepared to present themselves in virtual or real-life info sessions, tours, and interviews, and requests recommendation letters


Your student strategizes, brainstorms, and drafts an effective college essay and finalizes their application list

Rubber Meets The Road

Keeping eyes on the prize, Barbara guides your student to submit strong applications and meet their deadlines

I Made The Road By Walking It

Your student makes an informed and happy college decision – congratulations!

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